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Getting Started

Each business opportunity is unique. At a minimum, we expect to receive a short Executive Summary (3 to 5 pages) and a Business Plan. A comprehensive business plan is not generally critical to our evaluation.

Your Summary and/or Business Plan should address the following areas:

Describe existing capitalization and proposed financing

� List current investors, amount raised, dates, evaluations, ownership, percentages;

Describe product or opportunity, the market, competition
� Stage of development;
� Manufacturing and sales process;
� Advantages/disadvantages - pricing/cost;
� Market size, trends, maturity, distribution channels, customers;
� Who are the players - strength/weakness

Company history and management bios, responsibilities, needs;

Financial - 3 to 5 years of summary projections, 1 year of monthly data;
� Balance sheet, income statement, cash flow
� Include 3 years of historical data

Provide us a 50-word elevator pitch. Why you and why your product/process?

In addition to the executive summary and business plan, please download and complete our Investment Questionnaire

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