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Where We're Looking

Our mission is to achieve substantial capital appreciation by investing in and providing development assistance to growth business opportunities. Our primary focus is within the state of West Virginia. Our goal is to provide risk capital, supplemented by traditional forms of financing, to create technology-driven, world-competitive new businesses and contribute to a strong base economy for the State of West Virginia into the 21st Century.

Our strategy emphasizes close cooperation with the state's institutions of higher education. West Virginia has recently benefited from significant increases in research and technology activity at its major research institutions. Because of significant efforts by state leaders, a number of major national technology activities are now located in West Virginia.

Venture Stage Emphasis - We seek to provide some or all of the equity funding of businesses in their higher risk stages of development. We can contribute some or all of the first professionally supplied outside capital for a new or recently purchased business. In a few cases, funding may be provided prior to commencement of operations to establish feasibility or to complete and qualify proprietary products or processes. At this stage, some of the companies qualifying as potential investments will have little or no operating history. As a result: (1) management will not yet have demonstrated its ability to manage in the new venture environment; (2) the eventual market for the company's products, processes, or services in some cases will be speculative; and (3) profitability of the business will not be proven.

Technology Emphasis - We are interested in companies offering proprietary or highly cost-effective technologies in their product design or manufacturing methods. We do not focus on specific technologies. However, we have identified key fields we expect to have a high market growth rate, high rate of technological change, or excellent proprietary opportunities. These include information and communications technology, specialty chemicals and materials, environmental and forensic sciences, advanced or specialty designed polymers, toxic materials handling products and services, hardwood products or processes, coal or natural gas processes or equipment, medical devices, software and equipment, and system and educational software.

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